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The Zebco 33: Where it all began

Fishing is a way of life that many of us learn at a young age. It is a pastime that sticks with us through thick and thin. Fishing is a sport that can continue to offer a thrill even after the millionth time out on the water. This makes me stop to think what really get’s a person set on fishing and what got me into the fishing frenzy. As I considered all the different things that I began to love about fishing it all came back to that moment I received my first rod and reel combo, the Zebco 33. This rod and reel combo is great for both the early and late beginners like myself. At this point I must admit that beginning at an age of around 17 is a little late for people to be just beginning their fishing story but this is where I began. Although with little experience the love of fishing is something that came naturally. Getting out on the lake and taking a couple hours out of a busy day was just what I needed. Although I had gone fishing before it was when I received my Zebco 33 when I really began to learn more about the sport. With the little knowledge that I had of fishing at the time, the Zebco fit my fishing style perfectly. Not being a seasoned veteran I would not necessarily have understood the ins and outs of a spinning reel and would have been guaranteed to end up with endless hours of backlash if I were to use a baitcaster. Obviously, it’s not your top of the line custom built beauty that you see nowadays but it was perfect for getting me into the sport. I would highly recommend this for new beginners because of the ease of casting and the quick retrieval. I would also like to use this blog post to really describe the reason for this blog. This blog is something I am putting together because I love to fish and have a strong interest in learning everything I can about the sport itself. Through this learning process, I would like to share what I am learning in what I hope to be an easy and understandable manner. As I progress through this blogging experience and continue to write the fishing story that I will grow to love hopefully there is something for you to learn also.


Apparently, the Zebco 33 can literally do it all! Watch this video to find out why!


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